Sri . Thillasthanam Swamy Kainkarya Sabha , Bangalore

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  • Sri Thillasthanam  Swamy  Kainkarya Sabha was formed in the year 1957  to  commemorate  the memory of  Sri. Thillasthanam  Swamy.The  Sabha has been celebrating his Thirunakshatram  and Aradanam  since  then  without  fail . Year 2006 marks the completion of  50 years since the sabha was formed .  A  good  number of scholars and public assemble at  Sri Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple , Tulasivanam , Majestic  , Bangalore  and conduct  Sevai - both Divya Prabhandam  and Veda  and large number of people congregate on these occasions.
  •  The Sabha has taken up to promote the  objectives set out by Sri  Sadagopa  Ramanuja  Yathindra Mahadesikan ( Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy ) in a humble way . Sri. Thillasthanam Swamy  laid  great  stress on Sandhya prayers and meditation of the Lord through  Srivaishnava mantras .
  • The sabha's first effort was therefore to bring out in a simple way  the  essence of  'Srivaishnavism'   by bringing out it's  first  book 'Srivaishnavism' .
  •  After the success of this  book and  based  on  several requests  the  next book  was  'Sandhyavandanam'  and later followed up by   several  similar books  and  pamphlets  entitled 'Vedic Pranayamam' , ' Vedic Approach  to  Healthy Living ' , 'Vedic Rituals - Their relevance today ' , ' Vishishtaadvaitha', ' Upanayanam' , ' Vedic Wedding '  and  recently ' How God Regulates Human Life - Ramanujas Vishishtaadvaitha “ in the light of discovery of God Particle  by   Dr Higgs Boson “ Relevance & Significance ) . 
  • Book  previews  are  available  on  the  web  site .
  • The objective of this web site is to share the information in this area  with  others  on   Global basis  via the Internet . In line with this objective , all the books are  very  nominally  priced  and  can be sent by  courier  upon request  to  addresses  in  India  and  by  ebook  for  requests  outside  India  . Please contact us for your requirements  with  your  full  address  and  phone  number."
  • Please  contact   Sri  Thillasthanam  Swamy  Kainkarya  Sabha  , Bangalore 
  • President - Sri. V.Sreenivasan , 211 Middle School Road , Vishveshwarapuram , Bangalore-560 004 Ph +91-80-26674259  (or ) Secretary  - Sri.S.Seshadri  , 123/13 , 8th Cross Wilson Garden  , Bangalore - 560 027 Ph +91-80-22238039  (or) Member & Web Site Manager -  Sri. V.N.Rajan , 148  7th  Main  Road  ,  5th  Block Jayanagar  ,  Bangalore - 560 041  , Ph +91 -80-26640769  
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  • This  Web Site  has  been  sponsored  by  (Late) Dr. M.N.Gopal  and  Smt. Dr. Sudha  Gopal  in  memory  of   Late Sri. Madabhushi  Narasimha  Iyengar  &  Late  Smt. Janakamma  .  
  • The  Sabha  acknowledges  with  thanks   encouragement  , help  and  support  of  all  it's  well  wishers  &   patrons  that  has  allowed  the  sabha  to  keep  up  it's  activities .